Cash Out

What is this?

Withdrawal of money from Valyou Mobile Wallet via any Prabhu Money Transfer branches, any designated agents/retailers or via digital way


Cash In is available at the below locations:
- Selected agents/retailers – please look for Valyou CASH IN/CASH OUT stickers, CASH IN/CASH OUT Agent listing can be found at Valyou website.
- 25 Valyou (formerly known as Prabhu Money Transfer Sdn. Bhd.) branches. Kindly refer to our outlets listing.
This service is only available for Enhanced Wallet and Premium Wallet.

Service Fee?

For cash out amount above RM50: No service fee
For cash out amount RM50 and below: RM1.00

How to get it?

For detailed step-by-step video tutorial, please refer to the below (for local languages, please click on respective country flag)