Cash Out

What is this?

Withdrawal of money from Valyou Mobile Wallet via any Prabhu Money Transfer branches, any designated agents/retailers or via digital way


Cash In is available at the below locations:
- Selected agents/retailers – please look for Valyou CASH IN/CASH OUT stickers, CASH IN/CASH OUT Agent listing can be found at Valyou website.
- 25 Valyou (formerly known as Prabhu Money Transfer Sdn. Bhd.) branches. Kindly refer to our outlets listing.
This service is only available to users with a Premium Wallet.

Service Fee?

For cash out amount above RM50: No service fee
For cash out amount RM50 and below: RM1.00

How to get it?

For detailed step-by-step video tutorial, please refer to the below (for local languages, please click on respective country flag)