Send Money - Instant Cash Pickup

Send money to your family and friends via an authorized Valyou agent for them to receive it instantly at any Valyou location*.

* Subject to agent hours of operation, public holidays and local laws and regulations.

It is fast, secure and hassle-free.

Send money to your family and friends seamlessly with these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit our agent
Go to the nearest Valyou agent location and fill up the Valyou Send/Receive Money Form. Please click HERE for our agent location.

Step 2: Complete the form
Present the completed form with the money you wish to send and valid photo identification document to the location staff.

Step 3: Keep receipt
Sign and keep the receipt after verifying all details are accurate.

Step 4: Money sent and ready for receiver's collection
Sender to inform receiver on security code (PIN Number) which is in 12 digits so that the receiver can use this number to collect the money from any of Valyou agents in his/her country. Receiver must also bring a valid photo identification document upon collection of money.

Additional Info

For additional information on receiving money through this service, please refer to the participating banks of your country as listed below:





M Lhuillier
Cebuana Lhuillier
Palawan Pawnshop


Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited




Pos Indonesia