Types of Valyou Mobile Wallet

We offers 3 types of mobile wallet depending on the wallet size. You can choose either one of it that suits your needs.

Wallet Type Basic Enhanced Premium
Max Storing Limit Up to RM 500 Up to RM 2,500 Up to RM 5,000
Information gathering/ requirements
KYC Requirements ID number ID Scan + Upload ID Sighted
Face-to-Face verification (subscriber must walk into any one of 25 Valyou branch) No No Yes
Services Available
Yes Yes Yes
No No Yes
Max RM 500 per day over-the-counter
No Yes
Max RM 50 per day
Max RM 1,000 per day
No No Yes
Max RM 3,000 per day
Max RM 5,000 per month
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes