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Sustainability at Merchantrade

Advocating Progress by Transforming Communities

Our Sustainability Framework

We define key impact areas and steer our sustainability initiatives towards communities, national economies, and the environment.

resource management

Environmental Stewardship

Making a play for a greener planet starts with us, from sourcing new methods to conserve energy and changing how we operate, we believe Investing in sustainability goes hand in hand with our long term goals.

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people and culture

Social Responsibility

At Merchantrade, our success is determined by our people, their careers and wellbeing. Beyond cultural celebrations, we believe our staff represents a pillar of strength that channels our values in social advancement in communities we serve.

Merchantrade Staff
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governance and accountability

Good Governance

We hold ourselves to the highest standards, in everything we do. Ensuring that integrity and transparency are interwoven with digital security and good business ethics.

Merchantrade Staff
people and culture

Healthy Business

Balancing business strategies with long term sustainability for operational resilience ensures valued contribution to our stakeholders.

Merchantrade Staff

Enriching Lives of the Underserved Through INNOVATIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES

Throughout the creation of this Social Impact Report, we have seen a change in socio-economic growth amongst underserved communities in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. The knowledge and change of these communities has made digital financial services more inclusive, affordable and accessible.

Our Impact Through the Years

Working with global partners has made it possible to provide secure remittance to over 3 million underserved customers, and protected 189k+ with micro-insurance, of which 18% are women.